10 Benefits of The Above Ground Pools

If you have seriously considered purchasing a swimming pool, then you are also probably aware of the paperwork hassle and the overall costs of your investment. More often than not, swimming pools are associated with exorbitant prices and lengthy projects mainly because people immediately think of in-ground pool. To put it simply, the vast majority of homeowners do not even give a second thought to the above ground pools.

However, it is necessary to mention that nowadays best above ground swimming pools have come a long way and they are actually a worthwhile investment. Here are the top 10 advantages, you – the homeowners – can enjoy by investing in an above ground swimming pool.

Low Cost

If you were to compare the prices of the above ground swimming pools with their in-ground counterparts, you will soon realize that even the most expensive models from the first category is usually a few thousand dollars less than the latter. In addition to the price of the swimming pool itself, the overall lower investment comes from the fact that you can avoid the costs associated with preparing the space and properly installing the pool.

Above ground pool

No Extra Taxes and No Increased Insurance Rates

The majority of above ground swimming pools do not require you to get a building permit from the local authorities because they do not imply a new construction. Consequentially, since you are not building another asset on your property, you will happy to learn your taxes and home insurance will stay the same. In a way, the above ground swimming pools adds the extra value to your home without involving the increased taxes associated with the in-ground pools.

 Simple to Install

Again, in the comparison with the installation process required by in-ground swimming pools, the above ground pool setting up is a walk in the park. While it is true that you need to sod the area around the pool and level the ground, in most cases the installation of an above ground pool is a do-it-yourself project. Moreover, the above ground pools can be set up and used in a day, whereas the in-ground pools will require tearing the yard for a few weeks.

Less Maintenance

Keeping the water levels optimal and the pool crystal clear does imply using the same type of products and kits as an in-ground swimming pool. However, because most of them are not as large or deep as an in-ground pool, you will use less cleaning products and the water consumption will be lower while the cost of heating the pool is eliminated.

More Placement Options

With the in-ground pools it is very straightforward: if you do not have a large backyard to fit it, you cannot install it. On the other hand, the above ground swimming pools are available in a wide variety of sizes, meaning that you can even have your own pool despite the fact that your back garden is narrow or has a weird shape.

Don’t Take Up So Much Space

If you always wanted your own pool, but did not have sufficient space for it, then the above ground swimming pool is perfect for you. Given the array of options regarding its size, you can easily find a pool small enough for a family and still have some space left in the backyard. Moreover, the above ground swimming pool does not imply allocating space for a fence and lighting fixtures, which are mandatory accessories for any in-ground pool. In short, you will not create a commodity that it occupies the entire back yard.

Includes The Features You Want

The common belief is that the above ground swimming pools do not benefit from the same or any features proprietary to the in-ground pools. Nothing can be further from the truth, as nowadays, above ground pools come with as many features as you need or prefer.

Above ground swimming pool


Unlike in-ground swimming pools, the above ground pool can be moved to any location you want without too much work. Not to mention that you can transport and install the pool into your new home, if you decide to move.


The above ground swimming pool also confers high flexibility in the eventuality that you decide to do something else with your back garden. In addition, the attractive designs they come with these days ensure numerous landscaping possibilities.


Irrespective of the ladder option you select for the above ground swimming pool, you can prevent unwanted accidents by simply detaching the mechanism. At the same time, it is also a bit more difficult for small children or pets to wander around in an above ground swimming pool.

The Bottom Line

There are many unique features and benefits involved in owning an above ground pool that deem it as a great investment. Therefore, if you decided that it is time to purchase a pool, you should definitely give the latest above ground models a chance!