Tips To Selecting The Best Tens Units


Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a prominent and efficient machine used at home instead of physiotherapy done at the hospitals without any side effects. It is applicable in treating back pains due to degeneration of spine or disc related problems. These tens units have also proven successful in cases of chronic headaches or any pain related to ailment of cancer or similar. These units in general are used to cure pains but are also capable of curing inflammatory body conditions and swelling or soreness in muscles.


Since there are multiple applications of these machines they should be chosen based on the features of the unit and the requirement of the patient.

Features to be considered while buying a Tens machine

System setup

To start with, the machine should be compact and easy to hold and use for prolonged durations. The controls and buttons should be neatly placed and separated clearly from each other for avoiding accidental pressing of buttons that could instead of relieving the pain, enhances it. Also, the tens machines are available in batteries and electric variants. So you can buy according to your usage requirements, although the preferred models are generally the electric ones that save your cost on the batteries replacement required periodically.


Now, there are a number of variants available in the market when you go to buy a Tens machine. Some are applicable for small pain areas, some are for bigger and multiple areas. Also there are few machines that come with dual channels so that it can be used by two people at the same time. So looking at your requirement like pain areas, frequency of usage and number of people who would use the machines you have the flexibility to choose the ones that fits maximum of your requirements.

Pricing and Brand

These tens machines are brought in the market by a number of brands. There are chances that you may find machines with exactly same look and feel and the features, but different prices and brands. In such cases, generally the manufacturer of these machines is same who produces these same looking machines and distribute them to different companies, who then sell them under their brand names and pricing based on their pre-determined margins and brand identity in the market. More prominent and famous the brand is, higher would be the price.

Round the clock

People who would require longer sessions of physiotherapy through these tens machine units, like for more 2 to 3 hours, should go for models like “truMedic Deluxe TM-1000PRO Tens Unit for Pain Relief” that can be used continuously without any damage on the machine or to the patient.


There are leading brands of best tens units available in the market today like Helathmate, truMedic, Omron or Zewa that offer almost all the features possible through numerous variants. People have every choice available in the market; the only thing buyers need to do is to be vigilant about their requirements and the features available, so that they pick up the right mix for themselves at an optimum price and less after cost or maintenance cost. Then only it would be an appropriate replacement to physiotherapy at the hospitals.